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Functor Netplex_sharedvar.Make_var_type

module Make_var_type: 
functor (T : Netplex_cenv.TYPE) -> Netplex_cenv.VAR_TYPE with type t = T.t
Creates a module with get and set functions to access variables of type T.t. Call it like

         module Foo_var = 
           Make_var_type(struct type t = foo end)

and use Foo_var.get and Foo_var.set to access the shared variables of type foo. These functions can also raise the exception Sharedvar_not_found (unlike the primitive accessors above).

The variable must have been created with enc:true, e.g.

          let ok = create_var ~enc:true "name"

T : Netplex_cenv.TYPE

type t 
val get : string -> t
val set : string -> t -> unit
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