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Cache server

This is a simply key/value cache server. This work is sponsored and property of, Los Angeles, CA. It can be used by everyone according to the license agreement. The author is Gerd Stolpmann, (read more)


Cryptographic functions

This library implements the symmetric cryptographic algorithms Blowfish, DES, and 3DES. The algorithms are written in O'Caml, i.e. this is not a binding to some C library, but the implementation itself. (read more)


Converts docbook documents from XML format to Unix manual pages

This tool converts a docbook document that is represented as XML file to manual pages. All "refentry" sections are transformed to "troff"-formatted documents. Currently, only a subset of the "docbook" tags that are allowed in "refentry" are supported. Unknown tags are simply ignored as if they had not been written. Note ... (read more)


OCaml library manager

Findlib is a library manager for Objective Caml. It provides a convention how to store libraries, and a file format ("META") to describe the properties of libraries. There is also a tool (ocamlfind) for interpreting the META files, so that it is very easy to use libraries in programs and scripts. ... (read more)

Findlib Browser

CGI that browses libraries managed by Findlib

This is a small CGI that lists all Findlib libraries, shows the mli interfaces of modules, and allows one to do a fulltext search over the mli interfaces (read more)


Client/server implementation of ZeroC ICE

END OF LIFE: This library is no longer updated. In particular, it is not ported to Ocamlnet-4. ICE is a dead protocol that should no longer be used in new software. This library implements the client and server sides of the ICE protocol as published by ZeroC, Inc. This work is ... (read more)


AMQP client (for protocol 0-9-1)

This is the client protocol support for AMQP, a message-queuing protocol. This work is sponsored and property of, Los Angeles, CA. It can be used by everyone according to the license agreement. The author is Gerd Stolpmann, (read more)


Internet protocols (http, cgi, email etc.) and helper data structures (mail messages, character sets, etc.)

Ocamlnet is an enhanced system platform library for Ocaml. As the name suggests, large parts of it have to do with network programming, but it is actually not restricted to this. Other parts deal with the management of multiple worker processes, and the interaction with other programs running on the same ... (read more)


OMake is a build system designed for scalability and portability.

OMake has moved to (from It uses a syntax similar to make utilities you may have used, but it features many additional enhancements, including the following. Support for projects spanning several directories or directory hierarchies. Fast, reliable, automated, scriptable dependency analysis using MD5 digests, with full support for incremental ... (read more)


Distributed filesystem, key/value db, and map/reduce system

See the Plasma Homepage for more information. (read more)


Validating XML parser

PXP is an XML parser for O'Caml. It represents the parsed document either as tree or as stream of events. In tree mode, it is possible to validate the XML document against a DTD. The acronym PXP means Polymorphic XML Parser. This name reflects the ability to create XML trees with ... (read more)


Dialog-oriented web applications

Wdialog is an environment to create web applications. It is a good choice for "dialog-intensive" applications with many input and output fields, and for application that need exact control of the possible user interactions. Feature list: Separation of the user interface (UI) definition from the backend program, improving the structure of ... (read more)


WebDAV protocol client

This library implements the client side of the WebDAV protocol (RFC 4918). The file locking part of WebDAV is omitted, though. The library uses Ocamlnet's netclient library for client-side HTTP, and extends it by providing the required access methods for WebDAV. Additionally, there is also an implementation for Ocamlnet's Netfs.stream_fs abstraction ... (read more)


Manage time sheets with a web application

The Wtimer web application allows you (and your group) to enter time sheets, to store them into a database, and to retrieve reports of them. What can you put into a time sheet? These sheets are organized by days, and every day has several rows. The rows contain the clock time ... (read more)


Functions for string searching/matching/splitting

Functions for string searching/matching/splitting implemented in pure O'Caml. The functions are thread-safe. (read more)


Brace expansion (alias 'interpolation') performed by camlp4

This camlp4 syntax extension interprets the dollar notation ${name} in strings and in included files. The syntax extension is available both for the old and the new camlp4 (read more)

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