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WebDAV protocol client

This library implements the client side of the WebDAV protocol (RFC 4918). The file locking part of WebDAV is omitted, though. The library uses Ocamlnet's netclient library for client-side HTTP, and extends it by providing the required access methods for WebDAV. Additionally, there is also an implementation for Ocamlnet's Netfs.stream_fs abstraction modelling a simple file system. This work is sponsored and property of, Los Angeles, CA. It can be used by everyone according to the license agreement. The author is Gerd Stolpmann,

License: BSD (3-clause)
Mailing list: none
Repository: gitlab at camlcity
Homepage: This page
Version 1.1.5:
Download: webdav-1.1.5
Documentation: This release needs OCaml-4.01, OCamlnet-4.1 and PXP-1.2.8!
WebDAV reference manual
Version 1.1.4:
Download: webdav-1.1.4
Documentation: WebDAV reference manual
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