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This tool converts a "docbook" document that is represented as XML file to
manual pages. All "refentry" sections are transformed to "troff"-formatted

Currently, only a subset of the "docbook" tags that are allowed in
"refentry" are supported. Unknown tags are simply ignored as if they had
not been written.

To compile db2man, you need "tony", Christian Lindigs XML parser for
Objective Caml. Tony can be downloaded from:

The Makefile expects that Tony is installed as a package; the package
management tool "findlib" is used. If you do not have "findlib", have a
look at

- perhaps you like it. Without "findlib", simply compile and
link all .cmo and .cma files of Tony in.


db2man simply reads the XML from stdin and writes for every "refentry"
section a separate file into the current directory. The filename is formed
by appending the name of "refentry" and the volume number.

db2man cannot read SGML input. It is possible to convert SGML to XML using
James Clark's sx program (see

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