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Index of types

flavour [Fl_metascanner]
`BaseDef refers to META definitions using the "=" operator, and `Appendix refers to definitions using the "+=" operator.
formal_pred [Fl_metascanner]
formal_pred [Findlib]
A formal predicate as it occurs in a package definition

package [Fl_package_base]
The definition of a package
package_priv [Fl_package_base]
pkg_definition [Fl_metascanner]
A pkg_definition is expressed by the syntax
 var(p1,p2,...) = "value" 
(flavour `BaseDef), or the syntax
 var(p1,p2,...) += "value" 
(flavour `Appendix) in the META file.
pkg_expr [Fl_metascanner]
A value of type pkg_expr denotes the contents of a META file.

rectype [Findlib]
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