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2007-11-01  Gerd Stolpmann  <>

	* Release 2.2.9

	* Fix: Http_client becomes more robust when it sees illegal header

	* Fix: Netshm decodes pairs correctly
2007-07-31  Gerd Stolpmann  <>

        * Release 2.2.8
	* Fix: stop all timers on Netplex shutdown

	* Improved Netbuffer module

	* [ChriS]: Improved examples for netcgi2
2007-05-06  Gerd Stolpmann  <>

	* Fix: For Unix domain sockets, getsockname and getpeername
	  may return EAFNOSUPPORT. This code is generated by the
	  OCaml runtime when it sees an address it does not support.
	  We handle this case as a connected socket with inaccessible
	  address. The problem was reported to happen for MacOS.

	* Fix: IPv6 is now supported by most functionality. Exception
	  is the SOCKS stuff.

	* Fix netcgi2: Improving compatibility of Netcgi1_compat,
	  such that nethttpd works together with netcgi2. Porting
	  examples/nethttpd/ to nethttpd+netcgi2.

        * [ChriS]: Netcgi2-apache builds for Apache 2
2007-04-09  Gerd Stolpmann  <>

        * Release 2.2.7
        * Including netcgi2-apache into the release
	* Fix: Error handling in Nethttpd.

	* Fix: Build of nethttpd examples

2007-03-28  Gerd Stolpmann  <>

	* Release 2.2.6

	* Improving timeout handling in Rpc_client. TCP timeouts are now
	  handled better. Added Unbound_exception.

2007-03-05  Gerd Stolpmann  <>

	* Release 2.2.5

	* Addition of Rpc_client.set_dgram_destination and
	  get_sender_of_last_response to support unconnected
	  UDP sockets.

2007-02-20  Gerd Stolpmann  <>

	* Addition of EUC-KR, by Deokhwan Kim <>

2007-01-18  Gerd Stolpmann  <>

	* Fix: The library netshm needs bigarray as requirement.

2007-01-07  Gerd Stolpmann  <>

	* Releases 2.2.3 and 2.2.4:

	Minor clean-ups in the build system.

2006-12-31  Gerd Stolpmann  <>

	* Releases 2.2.1 and 2.2.2:

	Single build fix for Mac OS X.

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