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These are release notes for ocamlnet-2.2. 

In general, the stability of this version is excellent.
About 90 % of the code has been taken over from previous versions
of ocamlnet, equeue, netclient, and rpc, and this means that this
code is already mature. About 10 % of the code has been newly

- netcgi2 is a revised version of the cgi library. Large parts
  are completely new. 

- netplex is the new server framework. Fortunately, it could already
  be used in a production environment, and it has proven excellent
  stability there.

- netcgi2-plex combines netcgi2 and netplex.

- nethttpd has now the option to use netcgi2 as cgi provider
  (configure option -prefer-netcgi2).

- netshm adds shared memory support. 

- equeue-ssl and rpc-ssl add SSL support to the RPC libraries.

Known Problems

There are known problems in this preview release:

- There is no good concept to manage signals. This is currently done
  ad-hoc. For now, this does not make any problems, or better, there
  is always the workaround that the user sets the signal handlers
  manually if any problems occur.

- The new cookie implementation of netcgi2 should replace the old
  one in netstring. Users should be prepared that Netcgi.Cookie
  will eventually become Nethttp.Cookie in one of the next releases.

- In netcgi2-plex, the "mount_dir" and "mount_at" options are not yet

- In netclient, aggressive caching of HTTP connections is still
  buggy. Do not use this option (by default, it is not enabled).

- The FTP client is still incomplete.


The current development version is available in Subversion:

Note that the ocamlnet file tree in Sourceforge refers to
ocamlnet-1 only.

There is a mailing list for Ocamlnet development:

In case of problems, you can also contact me directly:
Gerd Stolpmann <>

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