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Class Netchannels.buffered_raw_in_channel

class buffered_raw_in_channel : ?eol:string list -> ?buffer_size:int -> raw_in_channel -> enhanced_raw_in_channel
This class adds a buffer to the underlying raw_in_channel. As additional feature, the method enhanced_input_line is a fast version of input_line that profits from the buffer.

eol : The accepted end-of-line delimiters. The method enhanced_input_line recognizes any of the passed strings as EOL delimiters. When more than one delimiter matches, the longest is taken. Defaults to ["\n"] . Note that input_line always only recognizes "\n" as EOL character, this cannot be changed. The delimiter strings must neither be empty, nor longer than buffer_size.
buffer_size : The size of the buffer, by default 4096.

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