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Functor Netplex_cenv.Make_lever

module Make_lever: 
functor (T : FUN_TYPE) -> LEVER with type s=T.s and type r=T.r
Creates a LEVER module from a function type as specified in FUN_TYPE

type s 
argument type
type r 
result type
type t = s -> r 
val register : Netplex_types.controller ->
(Netplex_types.controller -> t) -> t
let reg_lever = register ctrl raw_lever: Registers raw_lever in the controller ctrl, so one can call reg_lever to activate it. For example:

           module LT = struct type s = unit type r = int end
           module L = Make_lever(LT)
           let get_num_services =
             L.register ctrl (fun ctrl () -> List.length ctrl#services)

The registration must be done in controller context, e.g. in the pre_start_hook of a container.

From the running container, one can now call:


to get the current length of the ctrl#services list.

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