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Class Shell_uq.call_engine

class call_engine : ?ignore_error_code:bool -> ?mode:Shell_sys.group_mode -> ?stdin:Shell.producer -> ?stdout:Shell.consumer -> ?stderr:Shell.consumer -> Shell_sys.command list -> Unixqueue.event_system -> [Shell_sys.job_status] job_handler_engine_type
This engine corresponds to The command list is executed until the job is done. In this case, the status of the engine changes to `Done or `Error. If not ignore_error_code, failed jobs are reported by the error status `Error Subprocess_failure. If ignore_error_code, failed jobs are ignored, and result in the status `Done (however, jobs terminated by signals are still reported as errors).

For the other arguments see

When the engine goes to `Error or `Aborted, the job is terminated ( Shell_sys.abandon_job ).

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