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OCamlnet-4 does not include any implementations of cryptographic ciphers or hashes. It does, however, include a binding to GnuTLS and GNU Nettle, providing cryptography, and it defines a number of helper functions to use cryptography efficiently.

Before OCamlnet-4, some modules used Xavier Leroy's Cryptokit. This dependency is gone now.

Cryptography providers

Like for TLS (see Tls), first-class modules are used to modularize the provider of the crypto functions:

There are default providers:

  • Netsys_crypto.default_symmetric_crypto
  • Netsys_crypto.default_digests
If not initialized, these providers are empty, i.e. the lists of available ciphers and digests are empty. This can be changed by initializing a provider. So far, there is only GnuTLS/Nettle, and you can enable this by

  • linking with the package nettls-gnutls
  • calling Nettls_gnutls.init()

Using cryptography

It is not advised to call any functions of the providers directly: the API is not yet stable, and may change, and there are some inconveniences in the buffer management. Instead, use the following functionality:


Encrypt a string s with AES-128 in CBC mode and length-style padding:

let key = "0123456789abcdef"
let iv = "0123456789abcdef"
let cipher = Netsys_ciphers.find ("AES-128", "CBC")
let ctx = cipher # create key `Length
let () = ctx # set_iv iv
let s_enc = ctx # encrypt_string s

Compute the SHA1 digest of a string s:

let digest = Netsys_digests.find "SHA1-160"
let ctx = digest # create()
let () = ctx # add_substring s 0 (String.length s)
let result = ctx # finish()

Supported ciphers

If using nettls-gnutls as provider, you can normally expect:

  • AES (key sizes: 128, 192, 256)
  • ARCFOUR (key size: 128) . RC2 (key sizes: 40, 64, 128)
  • BLOWFISH (key size variable)
  • CAMELLIA (key sizes: 128, 192, 256)
  • CAST (key size: 128)
  • DES (key size: 56)
  • 3DES (key size: 112)
  • SERPENT (key sizes: 128, 192, 256)
  • TWOFISH (key sizes: 128, 192, 256)
All ciphers are supported in ECB, CBC, CTR, and OFB modes.

If using a recent version of GnuTLS/Nettls:

  • AES in CBC mode is accelerated if the CPU supports it (Intel AES-NI, or VIA Padlock)
  • AES in GCM mode, also with an acceleration option
  • CAMELLIA in GCM mode

Supported digests

If using nettls-gnutls as provider, you can normally expect:

  • MD2
  • MD4
  • MD5
  • SHA1
  • SHA2-256
If using a recent version of GnuTLS/Nettls:

  • SHA2 with block sizes 224, 256, 384 and 512 bits
  • SHA3 with block sizes 224, 256, 384 and 512 bits
  • RIPEMD (160 bits)
  • GOSTHASH94 (256 bits)

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