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Functor Netplex_mbox.Make_mbox_type

module Make_mbox_type: 
functor (T : Netplex_cenv.TYPE) -> MBOX with type t = T.t
Create a new mailbox access module for message type T.t
T : Netplex_cenv.TYPE

type t 
The type of messages
type mbox 
The type of the mailboxes
val create : string -> mbox
Creates a new mailbox with the passed name, or opens an existing mailbox. Names are global to the whole Netplex process system.
val send : mbox -> t -> unit
Send a message to this box. If the box is full, it is waited until the box is free again. If several senders wait for the box, one sender is selected.
val receive : mbox -> t
Receive a message: It is waited until a sender puts a message into the box. If several receivers wait for the box, one receiver is selected.
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