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How to get OCamlnet


OCamlnet is included in the main OPAM repository. Just do:

opam install ocamlnet

Some parts of OCamlnet are only installed when optional dependencies are installed:

  • netzip: is only installed when the camlzip OPAM package is available (i.e. do opam install camlzip to get it)
  • nettls-gnutls (i.e. TLS supprt): is only installed when the conf-gnutls OPAM package is installed
  • netgss-system (i.e. GSSAPI support): is only installed when the conf-gssapi package is installed
  • equeue-gtk2 (i.e. Gtk event loop support): is only installed when the lablgtk package is installed
  • netstring-pcre (i.e. using PCRE as regexp engine): is only installed when the pcre package is installed

For instance, if you want OCamlnet with TLS support, just do:

opam install ocamlnet conf-gnutls

Most recent version

There is a separate repository with the most recent version:

camlcity repository

See the README there how to use it.

From source

See the project page for downloading the tarball. See the inluded INSTALL file for installation instructions.

GIT version

See the GIT repository.

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