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Class type Netsys_gssapi.GSSAPI.gss_api

class type gss_api = [[credential, name
, context]]

The methods have generally a type of the form

       m : 't . arg1 -> ... -> argN -> out:( ret1 -> ... -> retM -> 't ) -> 't 

where args are input arguments (with the exception of context which is in/out), and where outputs are passed back by calling the out functions with the outputs. The return value of out is the return value of the method call.

For example, if only output_token of the accept_sec_context method is needed, one could call this method as in

      let output_token =
	gss_api # accept_sec_context 
	   ~out:(fun ~src_name ~mech_type ~output_token ~ret_flags
		     ~time_rec ~delegated_cred_handle ~minor_status
		     ~major_status ->

Output values may not be defined when major_status indicates an error. (But see the RFC for details; especially init_sec_contect and accept_sec_context may emit tokens even when major_status indicates an error.)

The names of the parameters are taken from RFC 2744, only suffixes like _handle have been removed. When the prefixes input_ and output_ are meaningless, they are also removed. All prefixes like "GSS" are removed anyway.

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