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plasma_convert - convert between file formats (map/reduce context)


plasma_convert [options] -in-format <name> infile [-out-format <name> outfile]

List of options:

  -cluster <name>           Set the cluster name
  -namenode <host>:<port>   Also use this namenode (can be given several times)
  -in-format <name>         Set the format of the input
  -out-format <name>        Set the format of the output
  -bigblock <n>             Set the bigblock size
  -repl <n>                 Set the replication factor of the output explicitly
  -print                    Print the records to stdout


The command reads a file containing a sequence of records in a given format, and optionally writes a new file with the same sequence in a different format.

If no output is requested, the input file is just checked for correctness.

Both the input and output files must reside in PlasmaFS.


The following formats are understood:

  • text: Text format
  • var: Variable-size format
  • fixed:N Fixed-size format (with size N as integer)
The details of the formats are described in Plasmamr_file_formats.
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