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Index of exceptions

At [Pxp_core_types.S]
The string is a description where the exn happened.

Character_not_supported [Pxp_core_types.S]

Error [Pxp_core_types.S]
Other error

ID_not_unique [Pxp_tree_parser]
Used inside Pxp_tree_parser.index to indicate that the same ID is attached to several nodes

Method_not_applicable [Pxp_core_types.S]
Indicates that a method has been called that is not applicable for the class.

Namespace_error [Pxp_core_types.S]
Violation of a namespace constraint
Namespace_method_not_applicable [Pxp_core_types.S]
Indicates that the called method is a namespace method but that the object does not support namespaces.
Namespace_not_in_scope [Pxp_core_types.S]
The namespace scope does not know the URI
Namespace_not_managed [Pxp_core_types.S]
A namespace URI is used but not declared in the namespace manager.
Namespace_prefix_not_managed [Pxp_core_types.S]
A namespace prefix is used but not declared in the namespace manager.
Not_competent [Pxp_core_types.S]
The resolver cannot open this kind of entity ID
Not_resolvable [Pxp_core_types.S]
While opening the entity, the nested exception occurred

Undeclared [Pxp_core_types.S]
Indicates that no declaration is available and because of this every kind of usage is allowed.

Validation_error [Pxp_core_types.S]
Violation of a validity constraint

WF_error [Pxp_core_types.S]
Violation of a well-formedness constraint
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