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Class Webdav_client_methods.propfind

class propfind : ?depth:Webdav_http.depth -> ?propfind_request:propfind_request -> ?strip_prefix:string -> string -> propfind_call_t
new propfind url: Creates a PROPFIND request. If successful, this request is usually responded by a `Multistatus document listing the status for every matching URL.

  • depth: The Depth header value: `Zero means to only report about the object url, `One means to also include data about the direct children, and `Infinity means to include data of the whole subtree. If missing, servers usually assume `Infinity.
  • propfind_request: The detailed request. If missing, servers usually assume `Allprop [].
  • strip_prefix: If set this path prefix is stripped from the reported paths. Must be an absolute path.

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