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2015-01-14  Gerd Stolpmann  <>

        * Release 1.2

	* Export: new project report with extended calculation of total
	  sums (daily, weekly, monthly)

	* URL scheme: when invoked as wtimer.cgi, the request is redirected
	  to wtimer.cgi/start. After logging in, the request is redirected
	  to wtimer.cgi/auth, so the authenticated area is now consistently
	  visible in the URL scheme.

	* Fix parsing of time intervals (e.g. -00:30 was parsed as 00:30)

	* Using the "postgresql" library to connect to the database.
	  Dropping support for mysql for now (but the module is still present)

	* Fix: the "cancel" button no longer goes back to the wrong view
	  (chrono instead of chronocompact)

	* Porting to netcgi2

	* Dropping ajp support

	* Adding fcgi support

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