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This is a camlp4 extension that expands brace expansions like a shell
does. See for examples.

You need findlib to 'make install'; AT LEAST VERSION 0.4 OF FINDLIB!


Just type "make all" to compile the sources.


The module can be installed using the installation method supported by the
"findlib" module. If you have installed "findlib", a "make install" copies
the compiled files to their standard places. The package name is then

If you do not have "findlib", just copy the files manually where you like


See for explanations. See the Makefile how to compile


Errors reported by xstrp4 are usually off by 2 (for O'Caml 3.10). This
is O'Caml bug #4357 (

Changed in version 1.8.1:
        Patching the version string in the META file

Changed in version 1.8:
	Removal of the support for O'Caml 3.09 and earlier.
	Integrating Sylvain's record access patch.

Changed in version 1.7:
	Porting to O'Caml 3.10. Still works for older O'Caml versions.

Changed in version 1.6:
	Setting the name of the location variable explicitly
	because the default changed in O'Caml 3.09.

Changed in version 1.5:
	Fixes for O'Caml 3.08. There is still a known problem:
	Locations in error messages may be wrong for <:here< ... >>.
	This seems to be a bug in camlp4.

Changed in version 1.4:
	Better code is generated. (Suggested by Mike Potanin.)

Changed in version 1.3:
	The backslash sequences \DDD and \xXX are recognized,
	e.g. \033 or \x21. (Suggested by Mike Potanin.)

Changed in version 1.2:
	The printf qualifiers L, l, n are now supported, e.g.
        ${x,%ld} for an int32 variable x. (Suggested by Nadj.)

Changed in version 1.0:
	Support for findlib-0.4

Changed in version 0.1.1:
	Updated the URLs in documentation.


The module has been written by Gerd Stolpmann,

You can download it from

This module has an entry in the O'Caml link database,


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