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Module Cache_plex

module Cache_plex: sig .. end
Run a cache server inside Netplex

val factory : ?post_start_hook:(Cache_server.cache_instance ->
Netplex_types.container -> unit) ->
?setup:(Rpc_server.t -> Cache_server.cache_instance -> unit) ->
?rpc_enable:bool ->
?rpc_program_number:int32 ->
name:string -> unit -> Netplex_types.processor_factory
A netplex factory for the cache server.

Accepts the following config parameters inside the "processor" section of the config file:

  • cache_directory (required, must be absolute path)
  • cache_max_size (required, in bytes)
  • save_cache_period (required, in seconds, use 0 to disable automatic save)
  • save_cache_speed (required, in bytes/s, use 0 for "as fast as possible")
The name argument is the name of the processor.

The post_start_hook is useful to register the service after startup. The setup function can be used to bind further services to the RPC server. By passing rpc_enable:false the function does not bind any RPC service by itself.

The server must run in only a single process/thread, i.e. the workload manager must be

     workload_manager {
       type = "constant";
       threads = 1;

The cache server is compatible with both multi-processing and multi-threading. It is possible to use the same processor several times in the same program in order to create several independent caches.

For a full example of netplexing the cache server see the source code of and the config file cached.conf.

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