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activate [Cache_server]
Activates the cache: Loads contents from files, and establishes timers.

bind [Cache_server]
Binds the cache procedures in the passed RPC server.
bucket_of_hash [Cache_util]
Compute the bucket number of n, the number of buckets, and the hash value (which must be a string of 16 bytes).

clear_counters [Cache_server]
Reset the statistics
clear_directly [Cache_server]
Clears the whole cache directly
create [Cache_server]
Creates a cache instance for the passed cache_config
create_async_client [Cache_client]
Create an asynchronous client for the passed config and the passed event system.
create_sync_client [Cache_client]
Create a synchronous client for the passed config

delete_directly [Cache_server]
Deletes directly in the cache

factory [Cache_plex]
A netplex factory for the cache server.

get_config [Cache_server]
Get the cache's config
get_directly [Cache_server]
Reads from the cache directly
get_stats [Cache_server]
Get the statistics

hash_of_key [Cache_util]
Compute the hash value of a key

save [Cache_server]
Saves the complete instance immediately to disk
set_config [Cache_server]
Set the cache's config
set_directly [Cache_server]
Modifies the cache directly
shutdown [Cache_server]
Shuts the instance down.

verify [Cache_server]
Runs a routine that checks the structure of the cache instance.
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