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Class Ftp_client.ftp_client_pi

class ftp_client_pi : ?event_system:Unixqueue.event_system -> ?onempty:ftp_state -> unit -> ?onclose:unit -> unit -> ?onerrorstate:exn -> unit -> ?onusererror:exn -> unit -> Unix.file_descr -> object .. end
The client protocol interpreter...

has a queue of commands that are sent to the server in turn.

onempty is called when the last command of the queue has been processed.

onclose is called when the control connection is closed by the FTP server (e.g. as reaction of the QUIT command).

onerrorstate is called when an `Error state is reached (serious error condition).

onusererror is called when callbacks (i.e. onreply) raise exceptions.

method add_cmd : ?onreply:(ftp_state -> reply -> unit) ->
cmd -> unit
Add another command to the queue. The protocol interpreter does not check whether this command is allowed in the current ftp_state or not. For every reply of the server onreply is called. Due to the FTP specification there may be several replies for a command: First, zero or more replies with cmd_state = `Preliminary, and then exactly one reply with a final state.
method send_abort : unit -> unit
Sends immediately an ABOR command, even when a data transfer is in progress.

TODO - not yet implemented

method run : unit -> unit
Starts the event system; same as
method ftp_state : ftp_state
Returns the current ftp_state
method state : unit Uq_engines.engine_state
The state in the sense of Uq_engines. Possible values are:
  • `Working _: The control connection is still active. The int argument is currently meaningless.
  • `Done(): The control connection has been terminated.
  • `Error e: A violation of the FTP protocol happened, or another exception e occurred
  • `Aborted: The abort method was called

method abort : unit -> unit
Shuts any active connection immediately down, and changes the state of the engine to `Aborted.
method event_system : Unixqueue.event_system
The used event system
method is_empty : bool
Whether the queue is empty
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