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Class type Ftp_data_endpoint.in_record_channel

class type in_record_channel = object .. end
An in_record_channel can be used to read files with record structure. This is purely abstract, as Unix does not support such files natively, so this kind of channel is usually mapped to a flat representation when stored in a real file, e.g. record boundaries become newline characters.
method input_eor : unit -> unit
Skips over the remaining data of the current record and the record boundary to the next record. Raises End_of_file when the current record is the "EOF" record (see below for explanations).

A record channel can be read as follows: After opening the channel, one can read the contents of the first record with the input method. The end of the record is indicated by an End_of_file exception. By calling input_eor, the next record is opened and can be read.

After the last real record, there is always a special "EOF" record which is empty, and must be ignored by applications processing records. This means, after opening an empty channel, the current record is this "EOF" record, and input_eor raises End_of_file. After reading a non-empty channel, one can do input_eor after the last regular record, and the following input_eor raises End_of_file.

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