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Class type Http_client.auth_session

class type auth_session = object .. end
An auth_session represents an authenticated session

method auth_scheme : string
The authentication scheme, e.g. "basic"
method auth_domain : string list
The list of domain URIs defines the protection space.
method auth_realm : string
The realm
method auth_user : string
The user identifier
method auth_in_advance : bool
Whether "authentication in advance" is enabled
method authenticate : http_call -> (string * string) list
Returns a list of additional headers that will authenticate the passed call for this session. (This is usually only one header, authorization.)

If the call is authenticated in advance, it does not contain any authentication information. If the call is authenticated in reaction to a 401 status, the response header contains the www-authenticate field(s).

method invalidate : http_call -> bool
The session is notified that authentication failed. (This method is not called for authentication-in-advance, but only if an authentication attempt after a 401 status failed.) The method can return true if another authentication should be started immediately.

Note: By returning true the session can indicate a "stale" condition in the sense of RFC 2617.

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