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Module Netaddress

module Netaddress: sig .. end
Parsing of mail addresses

Addresses indicate the senders and recipients of messages and correspond to either an individual mailbox or a group of mailboxes.
type local_part = string 
Usually the user name
type domain = string 
The domain of the mailbox
type addr_spec = local_part * domain option 
The pair local_part@domain as O'Caml type. The domain may be missing.
class mailbox : ?name:string -> string list -> addr_spec -> object .. end
A mailbox has a name, optionally a route (not used nowadays), and a formal address specification.
class group : string -> mailbox list -> object .. end
A group has a name, and consists of a number of mailboxes.
type t = [ `Group of group | `Mailbox of mailbox ] 
The union of mailbox and group
exception Parse_error of int * string
A parsing error. The int is the position in the parsed string
val parse : string -> t list
Parse a list of addresses in string representation, and return them as list of mailboxes or groups.


  • parse "" returns a single mailbox without name and route, and the given spec
  • parse "Gerd Stolpmann <>" returns a single mailbox with name and spec, but without route
  • parse ", ghi" returns two mailboxes without name and route, and the two specs. The second address only has a local part, but no domain.
  • parse ", Me <>;," returns one group g with members and, and another mailbox
Old-style naming of mailboxes is not supported (e.g. " (Gerd Stolpmann)" - the part in parentheses is simply ignored.
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