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Module Netcgi_apache.Apache.Table

module Table: sig .. end

type t 
Apache table structure.
val get : t -> string -> string
Table.get tbl key returns the corresponding entry in the table. The key is matched case-insensitively. The first key will retrieved in case there are more than one entry in the table for the key.
Raises Not_found otherwise.
val get_all : t -> string -> string list
Table.get_all tbl key same as Table.get tbl key except it returns all values corresponding to the key.
val fields : t -> (string * string) list
Table.fields tbl returns a list of (key, value) pairs consisting of all entries of the table tbl.
val clear : t -> unit
Table.clear tbl removes all key/value pairs from the table tbl.
val set : t -> string -> string -> unit
Table.set tbl key value sets the (key, value) pair in the table tbl. If one or more key/value pairs already exists with the same key they will be deleted and replaced with (key, value).
val add : t -> string -> string -> unit
Table.add tbl key value adds the (key, value) pair in the table tbl. This does not erase any existing pairs.
val unset : t -> string -> unit
Table.unset tbl key delete every key/value pair associated with the key from the table tbl.
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