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Module Netcgi_apache.Handler

module Handler: sig .. end
Registering Apache handlers.

type result =
| OK (*This stage of request processing was handled successfully.*)
| DECLINED (*No erroneous condition exists, but the module declines to handle the phase; the server tries to find another.*)
| DONE (*The request is completely satisfied.*)
| HTTP of int (*The request returns the HTTP status code given as argument.*)
type t = Netcgi_apache.Apache.Request.t -> result 
The type of handler functions. The exception Exit is considered as a normal way of terminating early. All other exceptions are logged and result in an Internal_server_error response by Apache.
val register : t -> string -> unit
Modules may call register fn name to register one or more handler functions. The handler functions are then referred to in the Netcgi*Handler configuration commands as where Module_name is derived from the filename (given to the NetcgiLoad directive) and name is the string passed here.
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