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Class Netcgi_common.cgi

class cgi : cgi_environment -> output_type -> request_method -> cgi_argument list -> object .. end
cgi env op meth args constructs Netcgi.cgi objects. The environment #out_channel is wrapped into a transactional channel or a discarding channel according to op (`Direct or `Transactional) and request_method (`HEAD requests must only return a header). For standard cases, when POST and PUT arguments are available through a Netchannels.in_obj_channel, we recommend you use Netcgi_common.cgi_with_args that will parse the arguments for you and check preconditions.

Remark: You may think that the argument meth is superfluous as it can be deduced from env#cgi_request_method. While it is true for `DELETE, `GET, `HEAD and `POST, the `PUT takes a Netcgi_common.cgi_argument parameter. Setting correctly this parameter and decoding env#cgi_request_method is done for you by Netcgi_common.cgi_with_args.

method argument : string -> cgi_argument
method argument_value : ?default:string -> string -> string
method argument_exists : string -> bool
method multiple_argument : string -> cgi_argument list
method arguments : cgi_argument list
method environment : cgi_environment
method request_method : request_method
method finalize : unit -> unit
method url : ?protocol:Nethttp.protocol ->
?with_authority:other_url_spec ->
?with_script_name:other_url_spec ->
?with_path_info:other_url_spec ->
?with_query_string:query_string_spec -> unit -> string
The following environment properties must be available for this method to work properly (please make sure your connector provides them; the CGI spec make them compulsory anyway):
  • cgi_server_name
  • cgi_server_port
  • cgi_script_name
  • cgi_path_info

method set_header : ?status:Nethttp.http_status ->
?content_type:string ->
?content_length:int ->
?set_cookie:Nethttp.cookie list ->
?set_cookies:Cookie.t list ->
?cache:cache_control ->
?filename:string ->
?language:string ->
?script_type:string ->
?style_type:string -> ?fields:(string * string list) list -> unit -> unit
method set_redirection_header : ?set_cookies:Cookie.t list ->
?fields:(string * string list) list -> string -> unit
method output : Netchannels.trans_out_obj_channel
Deprecated.Use #out_channel instead.
method out_channel : Netchannels.trans_out_obj_channel
method at_exit : (unit -> unit) -> unit
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