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Module Netencoding.Url

module Url: sig .. end

Encoding/Decoding within URLs:

The following two functions perform the '%'-substitution for characters that may otherwise be interpreted as metacharacters.

According to: RFC 1738, RFC 1630

Option plus: This option has been added because there are some implementations that do not map ' ' to '+', for example Javascript's escape function. The default is true because this is the RFC- compliant definition.

val decode : ?plus:bool -> ?pos:int -> ?len:int -> string -> string
Option plus: Whether '+' is converted to space. The default is true. If false, '+' is returned as it is.

The optional arguments pos and len may restrict the string to process to this substring.

val encode : ?plus:bool -> string -> string
Option plus: Whether spaces are converted to '+'. The default is true. If false, spaces are converted to "%20", and only %xx sequences are produced.

URL-encoded parameters:

The following two functions create and analyze URL-encoded parameters. Format: name1=val1&name2=val2&...

val mk_url_encoded_parameters : (string * string) list -> string
The argument is a list of (name,value) pairs. The result is the single URL-encoded parameter string.
val dest_url_encoded_parameters : string -> (string * string) list
The argument is the URL-encoded parameter string. The result is the corresponding list of (name,value) pairs. Note: Whitespace within the parameter string is ignored. If there is a format error, the function fails.
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