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Class type Nethttpd_kernel.http_protocol_config

class type http_protocol_config = object .. end
Configuration values for the HTTP kernel

method config_max_reqline_length : int
Maximum size of the request line. Longer lines are immediately replied with a "Request URI too long" response. Suggestion: 32768.
method config_max_header_length : int
Maximum size of the header, including the request line. Longer headers are treated as attack, and cause the fatal error `Message_too_long. Suggestion: 65536.
method config_max_trailer_length : int
Maximum size of the trailer
method config_limit_pipeline_length : int
Limits the length of the pipeline (= unreplied requests). A value of 0 disables pipelining. A value of n allows that another request is received although there are already n unreplied requests.
method config_limit_pipeline_size : int
Limits the size of the pipeline in bytes. If the buffered bytes in the input queue exceed this value, the receiver temporarily stops reading more data. The value 0 has the effect that even the read-ahead of data of the current request is disabled. The value (-1) disables the receiver completely (not recommended).
method config_announce_server : announcement
Whether to set the Server header:
  • `Ignore: The kernel does not touch the Server header.
  • `Ocamlnet: Announce this web server as "Ocamlnet/<version>"
  • `Ocamlnet_and s: Announce this web server as s and append the Ocamlnet string.
  • `As s: Announce this web server as s

method config_suppress_broken_pipe : bool
Whether to suppress `Broken_pipe errors. Instead `Broken_pipe_ignore is reported.
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