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Class type Nethttpd_types.http_service_receiver

class type http_service_receiver = object .. end

method process_body : extended_environment -> http_service_generator
Second stage of HTTP processing: This method is called when the body is expected to be arriving. Note that the main difference to process_header is that this method can be called from a different thread. It is allowed (and expected) that this method blocks while reading the input. Of course, the input and output channels of the environment are unlocked, and can be used.

When the method returns, the request processing continues with stage 3. Any body data not read is dropped.

It is allowed that this method generates a response (or part of it), although this should be better done in stage 3.

The method may raise Standard_response to generate one of the standard messages.

One way of implementing this method is to instantiate Netcgi.std_activation.

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