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Class type Netplex_workload.dynamic_workload_config

class type dynamic_workload_config = object .. end

method max_jobs_per_thread : int
How many jobs every thread can execute concurrently until it is considered as fully loaded. For configurations where the threads can only handle one connection at a time this number must be 1.
method recommended_jobs_per_thread : int
The number of jobs every thread can execute with normal service quality. Must be less than or equal to max_jobs_per_thread
method min_free_job_capacity : int
The manager starts as many threads as required to ensure that this number of jobs can be executed. Must be at least 1.
method max_free_job_capacity : int
If more job capacity is available than this number, threads are terminated. Must be greater than or equal to min_free_job_capacity.
method inactivity_timeout : int
After this number of seconds a free thread can be terminated
method max_threads : int
The manager does not start more threads than this number
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