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Module Netsys_pollset_win32

module Netsys_pollset_win32: sig .. end
Pollsets for Win32

exception Too_many_descriptors
val pollset : unit -> Netsys_pollset.pollset
This is a pollset implementation that works for
  • sockets, and
  • named pipes as provided by Netsys_win32 (add the descriptors returned by pipe_descr or pipe_server_descr to the pollset)
The number of descriptors that can be added to the pollset has a quite low limit (usually 63 sockets or 31 pipes). If the number is exceeded the exception Too_many_descriptors is raised (by add).

POLLERR, POLLHUP, and POLLNVAL are not detected by this impl.

val threaded_pollset : unit -> Netsys_pollset.pollset
This implementation overcomes the limit on the number of descriptors one can add to the set. It is, however, only available for multi-threaded programs, because it uses helper threads.
module Debug: sig .. end
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