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Module Netulex

module Netulex: sig .. end
Support module for Alain Frisch's ulex lexer generator

The sub module ULB is a Unicode-based lexing buffer that reads encoded strings and makes them available to the lexer as both Unicode arrays and UTF-8 strings.

The sub module Ulexing is a replacement for the module in ulex with the same name. It uses ULB to represent the main lexing buffer. It is much faster than the original Ulexing implementation when the scanned text is UTF-8 encoded and Ulexing.utf8_lexeme is frequently called to get the lexeme strings. Furthermore, it can process input data of all encodings available to Netconversion. It is, however, no drop-in replacement as it has a different signature.

To enable this version of Ulexing, simply put an open Netulex before using the ulex lexers.

Note that the tutorial has been moved to Netulex_tut.


module ULB: sig .. end
module Ulexing: sig .. end
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