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Class type Uq_engines.wrapped_datagram_socket

class type wrapped_datagram_socket = object .. end
A wrapped_datagram_socket allows datagrams to be sent via proxies. It provides versions of the sendto and recvfrom functions that use extended socket names (which are proxy-friendly).

method descriptor : Unix.file_descr
The underlying file descriptor. This descriptor must not be used to transfer data (Unix.send(to), Unix.recv(from), etc.), because the descriptor may be connected with a proxy, and the socket addresses may be wrong that are used by the low-level socket functions. The right way is to use the methods below to transfer data. It is allowed, however, to pass the descriptor to, and to check whether transfers are possible. It is also allowed to set or clear non-blocking mode, and the close-on-exec flag, and to modify the socket options.
method sendto : string -> int -> int -> Unix.msg_flag list -> sockspec -> int
Send data over the (unconnected) socket
method recvfrom : string -> int -> int -> Unix.msg_flag list -> int * sockspec
Receive data from the (unconnected) socket. The method will raise EAGAIN if the message cannot be processed for some reason, even if the socket is in blocking mode. In this case, the received message is discarded.
method shut_down : unit -> unit
Close the descriptor, shuts down any further needed resources
method datagram_type : datagram_type
method socket_domain : Unix.socket_domain
method socket_type : Unix.socket_type
method socket_protocol : int
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