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Class type Nethttpd_types.http_service

class type ['a] http_service = object .. end

method name : string
The name of the type of the service provider
method def_term : 'a
The definition term
method print : Format.formatter -> unit
Outputs the definition term to a formatter
method process_header : extended_environment -> http_service_reaction
First stage of HTTP processing: This method is called when the HTTP header has been received. This method must return quickly without blocking the thread how to go on. For example, this could look as follows:
  • Check whether the client is allowed to access this resource. If this can be done immediately, it should be done now. (If an external service must be queried, the check must not be done now, but deferred to the second or third stage.) If the access is denied, an error response can be sent back using `Static, `File, or, if computed, using `Reject_body.
  • Check whether the request is delegated to another service provider (e.g. lookup by hostname, by port number, or by URI). In this case, the result of this process_header call is simply the result of the process_header call of the other service provider.
  • If this service provider generates the contents, there are mainly two types of reaction. If the contents are stored in a file, one can simply return `File. Otherwise, return `Accept_body to continue with the second stage. Note that even if no body is expected to arrive, one must go through the second stage, and drop any unexpected body.
The argument of this function is the Netcgi environment. The header is complete, including the request method. One cannot access the input and output channels at this stage of processing.
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