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Class type Netfs.stream_fs

class type stream_fs = object .. end

method path_encoding : Netconversion.encoding option
The encoding must be ASCII-compatible (Netconversion.is_ascii_compatible). If None the ASCII encoding is assumed for codes 0-127, and no meaning is defined for byte codes 128-255.
method path_exclusions : (int * int) list
Code points that must not occur in path components between slashes. This is given as ranges (from,to). The code points are interpreted as Unicode code points if an encoding is available, and as byte codes otherwise. For example, for Unix the code points 0 and 47 (slash) are normally the only excluded code points.
method nominal_dot_dot : bool
Whether the effect of .. can be obtained by stripping off the last path component, i.e. whether Filename.dirname path <=> path ^ "/.."
method read : read_flag list -> string -> Netchannels.in_obj_channel
read flags filename: Opens the file filename for reading, and returns the input stream. Flags:
  • `Skip n: Skips the first n bytes of the file. On many filesystems this is more efficient than reading n bytes and dropping them; however, there is no guarantee that this optimization exists.
  • `Binary: Opens the file in binary mode (if there is such a distinction)
  • `Streaming for network filesystems: If possible, open the file in streaming mode, and avoid to copy the whole file to the local disk before returning the Netchannels.in_obj_channel. Streaming mode is faster, but has also downsides. Especially, the implementation of read can do less to recover from transient network problems (like retrying the whole download). Support for this flag is optional, and it is ignored if there is no extra streaming mode.

method write : write_flag list -> string -> Netchannels.out_obj_channel
write flags filename: Opens (and optionally creates) the filename for writing, and returns the output stream. Flags:
  • `Create: If the file does not exist, create it
  • `Truncate: If the file exists, truncate it to zero before writing
  • `Exclusive: The `Create is done exclusively
  • `Binary: Opens the file in binary mode (if there is such a distinction)
  • `Streaming: see read (above) for explanations
Some filesystems refuse this operation if neither `Create nor `Truncate is specified because overwriting an existing file is not supported. There are also filesystems that cannot even modify files by truncating them first, but only allow to write to new files.

It is unspecified whether the file appears in the directory directly after calling write or first when the stream is closed.

method size : size_flag list -> string -> int64
Returns the size of a file. Note that there is intentionally no distinction between text and binary mode - implementations must always assume binary mode.
method test : test_flag list -> string -> test_type -> bool
Returns whether the test is true. For filesystems that know symbolic links, the test operation normally follows symlinks (except for the `N and `H tests). By specifying the `Link flag symlinks are not followed.
method test_list : test_flag list -> string -> test_type list -> bool list
Similar to test but this function performs all tests in the list at once, and returns a bool for each test.
method remove : remove_flag list -> string -> unit
Removes the file or symlink. Implementation are free to also support the removal of empty directories.


  • `Recursive: Remove the contents of the non-empty directory recursively. This is an optional feature. There needs not to be any protection against operations done by other processes that affect the directory tree being deleted.

method rename : rename_flag list -> string -> string -> unit
Renames the file. There is no guarantee that a rename is atomic
method symlink : symlink_flag list -> string -> string -> unit
symlink flags oldpath newpath: Creates a symlink. This is an exclusive create, i.e. the operation fails if newpath already exists.
method readdir : readdir_flag list -> string -> string list
Reads the contents of a directory. Whether "." and ".." are returned is platform-dependent. The entries can be returned in any order.
method readlink : readlink_flag list -> string -> string
Reads the target of a symlink
method mkdir : mkdir_flag list -> string -> unit
Creates a new directory. Flags:
  • `Path: Creates missing parent directories. This is an optional feature. (If not supported, ENOENT is reported.)
  • `Nonexcl: Non-exclusive create.

method rmdir : rmdir_flag list -> string -> unit
Removes an empty directory
method copy : copy_flag list -> string -> string -> unit
Copies a file to a new name. This does not descent into directories. Also, symlinks are resolved, and the linked file is copied.
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