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Class Ftp_client.ftp_client

class ftp_client : ?event_system:Unixqueue.event_system -> unit -> object .. end
The ftp client is a user session that may even span several connections. However, only one server is connected at once.

method exec_e : ftp_method -> unit Uq_engines.engine
Runs the method asynchronously as engine.
method exec : ftp_method -> unit
Runs the method synchronously. Note that this implies a call of
method pi : ftp_client_pi
The curerent protocol interpreter. It is allowed that a different pi is created when a new connection is opened.

The pi is first available after running the first method. The method fails if pi is unavailable.

method run : unit -> unit
Starts the event system; same as
method configure_timeout : float -> unit
Configures a timeout for both the control and the data connection. This must be done before connecting to a server.
method set_socks5_proxy : string -> int -> unit
Sets that a SOCKS version 5 proxy is used at this host and port. There is no support for authentication at the proxy. Only passive mode is supported.
method event_system : Unixqueue.event_system
method reset : unit -> unit
Aborts all current activities if any, and re-initializes the client
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