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Class Ftp_fs.ftp_fs

class ftp_fs : ?config_client:Ftp_client.ftp_client -> unit -> ?tmp_directory:string -> ?tmp_prefix:string -> ?get_password:string -> string -> ?get_account:string -> string -> ?keep_open:bool -> ?tls_config:(module Netsys_crypto_types.TLS_CONFIG) -> ?tls_enabled:bool -> ?tls_required:bool -> string -> ftp_stream_fs
ftp_fs base_url: Access the FTP file system rooted at base_url.

The base_url must follow the ftp://user@host:port/path scheme. Passwords in base_url are ignored.

The following access methods are supported (compare with Netfs.stream_fs). Note that not all FTP servers can perform all operations:

  • path_encoding: If the FTP server announces that it uses UTF-8 as path encoding, this is returned here; else None.
  • path_exclusions: is just 0,0; 47,47
  • nominal_dot_dot is true. "." and ".." are resolved by the client before sending paths to the server.
  • read: is supported. Note that FTP distinguishes between text and binary mode, so don't forget to pass the `Binary flag if needed. The `Skip flag is only emulated - the full file is retrieved first, and only the first bytes are hidden from the user. There is no support for streaming mode; the `Streaming flag is ignored. This means that the file is first downloaded to a temporary file, and the returned object is just a handle for this file.
  • write: is supported, but - depending on the server - not all flag combinations. The flag list [`Create; `Truncate] should always work. For other flag lists, the server needs to support the MLST command for checking whether the file already exists. If this support is missing, an FTP error is raised. It is not supported to omit both `Create and `Truncate. Also, the `Exclusive flag is not supported. As for read, there is no streaming mode, and a temporary file is used as container.
  • size: works only if the server supports the SIZE command (otherwise ENOSYS).
  • test and test_list: works only if the server supports the MLST command (otherwise ENOSYS). The tests `N, `E, `D, `F, `S, `R, `W, and `X should work. Files are never recognized as symlinks.
  • remove: works, but the `Recursive flag is not supported (and an emulation is considered as too dangerous)
  • readdir: works
  • rename: works
  • mkdir: works, but the flags are ignored
  • rmdir: works
There is no support for symlink, readlink, and copy.


  • config_client: one can enable further features on the client object (e.g. proxies)
  • tmp_directory: directory for temporary files
  • tmp_prefix: file prefix for temporary files (w/o directory)
  • get_password: This function should return the password for the user (passed in as argument). Defaults to "".
  • get_account: This function should return the account name for the user (passed in as argument). Defaults to "".
  • keep_open: By default, a new FTP connection is started for each operation, and it is shut down afterward. By setting keep_open the connection is kept open. The user has to call close when done.
  • tls_config: The TLS configuration to use. (If not set, a reasonable default is used.)
  • tls_enabled: whether TLS is enabled
  • tls_required: whether TLS is required

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