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Class type Http_client.key_handler

class type key_handler = object .. end

method inquire_key : domain:string list -> realms:string list -> auth:string -> key
The method is called when a new session must be authenticated. The domain is the URI list describing the protection space. URIs currently have the form "http://host:port/path", i.e. the port is always written out. The realms parameter is a list of realm identifiers. In auth the name of the authentication method is passed (lowercase characters). The method must search (or query for) a key, and return it. The key must refer to one of the passed realms. The domain of the key must be exactly the same as the passed domain (unless domain=["*"]). If the method raises Not_found, authentication will fail.
method invalidate_key : key -> unit
The handler is notified that authentication failed for this key
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