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Module Netcgi_apache

module Netcgi_apache: sig .. end
Netcgi Apache "mod" connector.

See the Netcgi_mod.setup section at the end of this file to know how to configure Apache.

module Apache: sig .. end
Interface to Apache API.
module Handler: sig .. end
Registering Apache handlers.
class type cgi = object .. end
The usual cgi class with an additional method to access Apache specificities.
val run : ?config:Netcgi.config ->
?output_type:Netcgi.output_type ->
?arg_store:Netcgi.arg_store ->
?exn_handler:Netcgi.exn_handler -> (cgi -> unit) -> unit
run f register the function f as a main function of the script. Each call to the script will execute f cgi. The code outside f will be executed only once (when the script is loaded into memory) which allows to cache database connections, etc. (The code stays in memory unless you restart the server or the file changes on disk.)
config : Default: Netcgi.default_config
output_type : Default: `Direct ""
arg_store : Default: `Automatic for all arguments.
exn_handler : See Netcgi.exn_handler. Default: delegate all exceptions to the default handler.


Apache 1.3

You need to put in an Apache configuration file (we recommend /etc/apache/conf.d/netcgi_apache.conf) the following lines:

    LoadModule netcgi_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/
    NetcgiRequire netcgi2-apache

Apache 2.2 or later

You need to put in an Apache configuration file (we recommend /etc/apache2/mods-available/netcgi_apache.load) the following line:

    LoadModule netcgi_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/
    NetcgiRequire netcgi2-apache
and make a symbolic link from /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/ to it to actually enable it. Subsequent configuration is recommended to be in /etc/apache2/mods-available/netcgi_apache.conf (also to be linked to /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/).

Loading libraries

If your scripts depend on other libraries, you need to load them using NetcgiLoad. More specifically, if your library is x.cma and is in the subdirectory y of standard OCaml directory (given by `ocamlc -where`), use

    NetcgiLoad y/x.cma
If x.cma is not in a subdirectory of `ocamlc -where`, you need to specify the full path.

Interaction with findlib

Libraries managed with findlib are specially supported. In order to load a library "lib" just use

    NetcgiRequire lib
Findlib-managed libraries are automatically found.

For special configurations one can also set Findlib predicates:

    NetcgiPredicates p1,p2,p3,...


If you need multi-threading call

as the very first directive after LoadModule, even before NetcgiRequire netcgi2-apache (otherwise a number of critical sections remain unprotected in Ocamlnet, and you'll experience crashes).

Installing scripts

You need also to tell Apache how to detect whether a script is to be handled by netcgi_apache, either by putting them in a special directory (here /caml-bin/):

    Alias /caml-bin/ /path/to/your/scripts/
    <Location /caml-bin>
      SetHandler ocaml-bytecode
      NetcgiHandler Netcgi_apache.bytecode
      Options ExecCGI
      Allow from all
or by distinguishing them by their extension (here .cma):
    NetcgiHandler Netcgi_apache.bytecode
    AddHandler ocaml-bytecode .cma

Compiling scripts

If your script reside in the file, compile it to x.cmo or x.cma. If your script depends on other libraries, you may either load them with NetcgiLoad (see above) or include them in x.cma. You need not include the netcgi_apache.cma, netcgi.cma, netstring.cma, netsys.cma, or pcre.cma modules as these are already loaded into Apache (see above).

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