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Module Netmcore_matrix

module Netmcore_matrix: sig .. end
Shared 2-dimensional arrays (matrices)

type ('e, 'h) sarray2 
Arrays where the elements have type 'e and the header has type 'h
type ('e, 'h) sarray2_descr 
The marshallable descriptor of a shared matrix
val create : Netmcore.res_id ->
int -> 'e array array -> 'h -> ('e, 'h) sarray2
create pool_id n2 a h: Creates a matrix by deeply copying a normal array a and using the copy of h as header. In n2 one has to pass the second dimension.
val make : Netmcore.res_id -> int -> int -> 'e -> 'h -> ('e, 'h) sarray2
make pool_id n1 n2 x h: Creates a matrix of the passed number of elements (n1 * n2), copies the element x, and initializes each element of the new array with the single copy of x. The value h is copied and used as header.
val init : Netmcore.res_id ->
int -> int -> (int -> int -> 'e) -> 'h -> ('e, 'h) sarray2
init pool_id n1 n2 f h: Creates a matrix of the passed number of elements (n1 * n2), and for getting the element at position k the function f k is run, and the copy of the result is written to the position. The header is set to the copy of h.
val set : ('e, 'a) sarray2 -> int -> int -> 'e -> unit
set sa k1 k2 x: Sets the (k1,k2)-th element of the matrix sa to a deep copy of x.
val get_ro : ('e, 'a) sarray2 -> int -> int -> 'e
get_ro sa k1 k2: Gets the (k1,k2)-th element of the matrix sa. Note that there is no guarantee that this value still exists if it is returned, and a parallely running set changes this element. If such values are accessed the program may crash!
val get_p : ('e, 'b) sarray2 -> int -> int -> ('e -> 'a) -> 'a
get_p sa k1 k2 f: Gets the (k1,k2)-th element of the matrix sa and call f with this element, and returns the result of f. During the execution of f the requested element cannot be garbage collected.
val get_c : ('e, 'a) sarray2 -> int -> int -> 'e
get_c sa k1 k2: Gets a copy of the (k1,k2)-th element of the matrix sæ
val dim : ('a, 'b) sarray2 -> int * int
Returns the dimenstions
val header : ('a, 'h) sarray2 -> 'h
Returns the header
val deref : ('e, 'a) sarray2 -> 'e array array
Returns the raw array in shared memory for unprotected access
val heap : ('a, 'b) sarray2 -> Obj.t Netmcore_heap.heap
Return the backing heap structure
val descr_of_sarray2 : ('e, 'h) sarray2 -> ('e, 'h) sarray2_descr
Returns the descriptor
val sarray2_of_descr : Netmcore.res_id ->
('e, 'h) sarray2_descr -> ('e, 'h) sarray2
Look up the matrix for this descriptor
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