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Class type Netplex_types.socket_service_config

class type socket_service_config = object .. end

method name : string
The proposed name for the socket_service
method protocols : protocol list
This list describes the sockets to create in detail
method change_user_to : (int * int) option
Instructs the container to change the user of the process after starting the service. This is only possible in multi-processing mode. In multi-threading mode, this parameter is ignored.
method startup_timeout : float
After this many seconds the container must have finished the post_start_hook. It is usually 60 seconds.
method conn_limit : int option
An optional limit of the number of connections this container can accept. If the limit is reached, the container will not accept any further connections, and shut down when all connections are processed.
method gc_when_idle : bool
If set, idle containers run a Gc.full_major cycle.
method controller_config : controller_config
Make this config accessible here too, for convenience
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