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Module Netsys_pmanage

module Netsys_pmanage: sig .. end
Manage persistent objects

This module allows you to keep a list of all objects with kernel persistency in an external file.
type pm_obj = [ `File of string
| `Posix_sem of string
| `Posix_shm of string
| `Sem_cont of string ]
class type pmanage = object .. end
val pmanage : string -> pmanage
Create a new manager for persistent kernel objects. The data is stored in a text file whose path is passed to this function. If the file already exists, it is opened and used. If the file does not exist yet, an empty manager will be created.

This function can be safely used from several threads and several processes.

val fake_pmanage : unit -> pmanage
A pseudo manager that does not save anything to a text file
val unlink_this : pm_obj -> unit
Unlinks this object
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