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Module Netsys_types

module Netsys_types: sig .. end
Types for all Netsys modules

type memory = (char, Bigarray.int8_unsigned_elt, Bigarray.c_layout) Bigarray.Array1.t 
We consider 1-dimensional bigarrays of chars as memory buffers. They have the useful property that the garbage collector cannot relocate them, i.e. the address is fixed. Also, one can mmap a file, and connect the bigarray with shared memory.
class type mstring = object .. end
See Xdr_mstring.mstring for documentation
exception EAGAIN_RD
exception EAGAIN_WR
A read or write cannot be done because the descriptor is in non-blocking mode and would block. This corresponds to the Unix.EAGAIN error but includes whether it was a read or write.

When the read or write is possible, the interrupted function should simply be again called.

These two exceptions are preferred by TLS providers.

exception TLS_switch_request
The server requested a rehandshake (this exception is thrown in the client)
exception TLS_switch_response of bool
The client accepted or denied a rehandshake (this exception is thrown in the server). true means acceptance.
exception TLS_error of string
A fatal error occurred (i.e. the session needs to be terminated). The string is a symbol identifying the error.
exception TLS_warning of string
A non-fatal error occurred. The interrupted function should be called again. The string is a symbol identifying the warning.
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