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Module Uq_engines.Operators

module Operators: sig .. end
Handy operators: ++, >>, and eps_e

The most important operators. This module should be opened.
val (++) : 'a #Uq_engines.engine ->
('a -> 'b #Uq_engines.engine) -> 'b Uq_engines.engine
Another name for qseq_engine. Use this operator to run engines in sequence:

	    e1 ++ (fun r1 -> e2) ++ (fun r2 -> e3) ++ ...

Here rK is the result of engine eK.

Change in OCamlnet-3.6.4: ++ is now qseq_engine, and no longer seq_engine, and hence it does not support progress reporting anymore. Redefine ++ as seq_engine in your own code if you need the old behavior.

val (>>) : 'a #Uq_engines.engine ->
('a Uq_engines.final_state -> 'b Uq_engines.final_state) ->
'b Uq_engines.engine
Another name for fmap_engine. Use this operator to map the final value of an engine:

	    e >> (function `Done x -> ... | `Error e -> ... | `Aborted -> ...)

val eps_e : 't Uq_engines.engine_state -> Unixqueue.event_system -> 't Uq_engines.engine
Same as epsilon_engine
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