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Module Uq_libevent

module Uq_libevent: sig .. end
Use Libevent as event loop

This gives (experimental) support for using libevent as event loop. To do so, you also need Maas-Maarten Zeeman's bindings for libevent, ocaml-event. (N.B. The current name, changed several times, is now liboevent.)


  • ocaml-event is not thread-safe
  • There can only be one instance of the event loop at a time
  • It is not supported to wait for out of band data
  • Signals do not stop the event loop. As a consequence, signals are delayed until the next event occurs.

module type LIBOEVENT = sig .. end
module type POLLSET = sig .. end
module Make: 
functor (L : LIBOEVENT) -> POLLSET
Instantiate this module.
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