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Class type Netmime.mime_header_ro

class type mime_header_ro = object .. end
This is the read-only version of a MIME header. There are only methods to read the header fields.

method fields : (string * string) list
method field : string -> string
method multiple_field : string -> string list
The current fields of the header. fields returns the complete header. field name returns the value of the field, or raises Not_found. multiple_field name returns all fields with the same name.

Note that field names are case-insensitive; field "content-length", and field "CONTENT-LENGTH" will return the same field. However, the method fields returns the original field names, without adjustment of the case.

The order of the fields is preserved.

Since OCamlnet-4 the methods

content_length, content_type, content_dispositions and content_transfer_encoding have been moved to Netmime_header.
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