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Module Netunidata

module Netunidata: sig .. end
Configure how to load Unicode tables

The Netconversion module implements the conversion between various character sets. By default, this module knows only a few built-in characters sets (in particular ISO-8859-1 and US-ASCII). Conversions to other character sets can be enabled by linking in the netunidata library.

There are two options to load the required tables. First, the table can be linked with the executable (static table). Second, the table can be loaded at runtime when needed (dynamic table).

For getting static tables, just specify one or several of the following findlib packages:

  • netunidata.iso: Links in the whole ISO-8859 series
  • Links in Japanese character sets (JIS-X-0201 and EUC-JP)
  • Links in Korean character sets (EUC-KR)
  • netunidata.other: Links in other characters sets (e.g. the whole Windows series)
  • netunidata.all: Links in all
If static tables are linked in, this does not automatically disable that remaining tables are dynamically loaded. You need to explicitly disable this: Netunidata.disable.

If you want to load all tables dynamically, just specify this package:

  • netunidata: Only links in the dynamic loaders for the tables

val load : string -> unit
load key: Loads the table for this key, if not already loaded or statically linked in. The key is the internal name of the mapping table (e.g. "cmapf.koi8r")
val load_charset : Netconversion.charset -> unit
load_charset enc: Loads the forward and backward mapping tables for this charset.
val enable : unit -> unit
Enables the dynamic loader. This is the default.
val disable : unit -> unit
Disables the dynamic loader
val net_db_dir : unit -> string
Returns the directory where the dynamic tables can be found
val set_net_db_dir : string -> unit
Change the directory where the dynamic tables can be found
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