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Module Rpc_auth_gssapi

module Rpc_auth_gssapi: sig .. end
GSS-API for RPC authentication

type user_name_format = [ `Exported_name | `Plain_name | `Prefixed_name ] 
What to return as user name:
  • `Exported_name: the exported name in binary format (as described in RFC 2078, section 3.2). This format can only be read back by the gss_api object generating the name.
  • `Prefixed_name: the display name in a text format "{<oid>}<namestring>".
  • `Plain_name: the string part of the display name

val server_auth_method : ?shared_context:bool ->
?user_name_format:user_name_format ->
?seq_number_window:int ->
?max_age:float ->
(module Netsys_gssapi.GSSAPI) ->
Netsys_gssapi.server_config -> Rpc_server.auth_method
Creates an authentication method from a GSS-API interface.


  • shared_context: Whether this method maintains only one security context for all connections. By default, each connection has a security context of its own. For UDP, this option needs to be set, because each UDP request is considered as creating a new connection.
  • user_name_format: Defaults to `Prefixed_name.
  • seq_number_window: If set, the server checks for replayed requests. The integer is the length of the check window (see RFC 2203 section If omitted, no such checks are performed (the default).
  • max_age: The maximum lifetime for security contexts (in seconds). If not specified, the time is taken from the GSSAPI credential.

type support_level = [ `If_possible | `None | `Required ] 
type user_name_interpretation = [ `Exported_name | `Plain_name of Netsys_gssapi.oid | `Prefixed_name ] 
val client_auth_method : ?user_name_interpretation:user_name_interpretation ->
(module Netsys_gssapi.GSSAPI) ->
Netsys_gssapi.client_config -> Rpc_client.auth_method
Creates an authentication method from a GSS-API interface.


  • user_name_format: Defaults to `Prefixed_name.

module Debug: sig .. end
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